10 Provocative Vacation Spots

Architecturally, hotels are a cocktail of residential and public typologies that have a peculiar balance of privacy combined with social amenity. Put simply, they’re our home away from home and most try to spark our sense of nostalgia by offering a generic version of comfort and luxury that we can all identify with. Despite this, many contemporary hotels have been very provocatively designed.
Over the last decade, architecture has drastically changed as a profession. With the advent of globalization and our cultures slowly merging into one, many hotels now compete with one another by offering finer woven Egyptian cotton duvets, a higher Michelin-starred restaurant and a larger and more luxurious bathtub. Long gone is the romantic notion of a hotel with local character. Conrad Hilton was one of the first international hoteliers who famously exported the American way of life via his chain all around the world – a Hilton is a Hilton everywhere.
Some hotels break this rule and are unique because they sell experiences. Today’s selection of hotels are provocative in that they push us to think beyond what we’ve grown accustomed to in terms of holiday, leisure and comfort; and architecturally, they’re selling us new concepts of living. So, for all of you who are adventurous or want to try something different – enjoy! More after the break.
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Jean Nouvel & others: Hotel Puerta America, Spain
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Probably the most luxurious example out of today’s top 10 pick is really an all-stars venue: behind a rainbow facade by Jean Nouvel, each of its 12 floors is designed by a prominent architect: Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Norman Foster, Marc Newson & Ron Arad, to name a few.
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