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Tim Hortons to sponsor NHL AllStar Game ESPN

Tim Hortons to sponsor NHL AllStar Game  ESPN


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Tastes of the Week

This past week was an embarrassment of riches at the table. And while I really like eating at home best, there is nothing quite like sharing an excellent meal with a friend. At lunch, three hours seems to be the golden rule for maximum pleasure. Dinner is nothing short of four Read more

The Worst Deal They Could Cut

I have had a somewhat up-and-down history with the folks in the Obama administration. I was proud to be their liaison to the progressive community during the Obama-Biden Presidential transition, and have labored mightily to help them at several key junctures during this first term. I have been quite critical of them at times on political strategy and specific policies, but have always supported them overall because I know Barack Obama is a far superior president to any of the extremist lunatics in the Republican Party: I definitely prefer a sane, intelligent president to one of those turkeys. I have been especially appreciative of their outreach to me and other progressives since Rahm Emanuel left for Chicago, and have been thrilled with Obama’s newfound messaging toughness on jobs and taxing millionaires over the last couple of months.
The administration’s messaging strategy, as well as a lot of key policy decisions, has been much stronger in the last couple of months, for which they deserve a large measure of credit Read more

Halloween Americas Gay Holiday

Halloween is America’s gay holiday.
In the words of the lesbian poet and scholar Judy Grahn, Halloween is “the great gay holiday.”
And this weekend of lavish costumed theatricality will attract everyone, but especially lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) revelers.
Back in the day Halloween, the night before All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), was linked to the ancient Celtic festival Samhain in the British Isles, meaning “summer’s end.” And because the celebration is associated with mystery, magic, superstition, witches and ghosts, the festivity, not surprisingly, was limited in colonial New England because of its Puritanical belief system.
But today it’s an LGBTQ extravaganza that rivals — if not out-showcases — Pride festivals.
Long before June officially became Gay Pride Month and October became Coming Out Month for the LGBTQ community, Halloween was unofficially our yearly celebrated “holiday,” dating as far back as the 1970s, when it was a massive annual street party in San Francisco’s Castro district.
By the 1980s, gay enclaves like Key West, West Hollywood, and Greenwich Village were holding their annual Halloween street parties Read more

A World of 7 Billion Cause for Scare or Celebration

The UN has chosen today as a symbolic one on which the world’s 7 billionth person might be born. The fact that it’s Halloween is, as The New Yorker jokes, “presumably just a coincidence.”
In the ideal world, reaching that psychological threshold would be seen as success for humanity, not a scare. We’ve heard warnings of a population bomb in the past, but in today’s pessimistic world, lurching from one financial, economic and political crisis to the next, the voices are louder this time, questioning whether we’re nearing the limit of what this shared earth of ours can support. Compounding fears, world food prices are high and volatile while 12 million in the Horn of Africa are in urgent need Read more

Let US Lead

As the eyes of the world are focused on the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations in New York, another troubling chapter is unfolding in Paris. The United States is on the brink of abandoning its decades-long leadership in several international organizations — a process that will fundamentally undermine American national security and economic interests.
At issue are two laws from the early 1990s that prohibit the United States from providing financial contributions to any United Nations entity that admits Palestine as a member. The laws are strict: if Palestine is admitted to a UN agency, the United States must stop paying its membership dues. The restrictions provide no authority for the president to waive these prohibitions even if it is in the national interest to do so.

With a clear majority of countries around the world prepared to back Palestinian ambitions at the United Nations, the United States is poised to lose its leverage over several UN bodies that advance American interests and promote our ideals Read more

Young Male Zombie Scared For Marriage

Fewer and fewer zombie men marry these days and why? (Also marry at older and older age.) Because marriage is scary time commitment and less time for eating brain. Also sometime married women like less zombie eating than men or other way around then other one cannot eat so many brains as want to. If male zombie can have woman zombie and also eat all the brain might be more marriage happens.
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The Fourth Way

America’s prospects appear no better today than at the conclusion of the second Bush presidency. Consumer confidence is at its lowest point since the financial collapse preceding the 2008 elections. Only 15% of the American people have confidence in the government. Presumptive Democratic candidate for president, Barack Obama’s strongly approve/disapprove rating is a record negative 22% with only 18% of Americans strongly approving his performance versus 40% strongly disapproving Read more

8 Recipes Inspired by Halloween Candy

1. Butterfingers Cheesecake
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A pretzel-butterfinger-chocolate concoction that makes good use of your trick-or-treat goodies.
Recipe: Bakers Royale
Wine Taste Test: How Do Dave Matthews, Banana Republic And More Branded Wines Stack Up?
The 20 Best & Worst Halloween Candies
Game Changers 2011: Brian Williams Chats With Arianna (VIDEO)
Competitive Eater Tim 'Eater X' Janus: A Week In The Life (Food Informants)
8 Homemade Halloween Treats
Vintage Candies: 14 Great Sweet Treats From Yesteryear

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Hitting the Pick Six

The Breeders’ Cup races are coming up this weekend at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, and many bettors around the country will be trying to hit the Pick Six in which you try to select the winners of the top six races in a row. It is devilishly hard to do because all of the races have large fields, offer large purses and are highly competitive. A Pick Six payout can easily hit six figures, sometimes seven.
But we got the economic equivalent of the Pick Six last week when our economy was suddenly inundated with a tide of good news such as we have not seen in a long while, fostering a major advance in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Pick Six winners were:
News of a European debt deal that promises to defuse, or at least delay, an economic cataclysm that could pose a serious threat to the Euro Read more

Gossip Girl Recap More Brains

Good episode of the Gossip Girl show last night as Blair and Serena were able to settle the differences and go out and look for brains together. Who would have thought that the two of them could get along but I guess brains brings everyone together, even two friends who don’t like each other anymore.
But wait it looks like Dan and Chuck and the other ones were also out looking for brains! What a twist it is when they all meet up and decide to look for brains.
This is when Blair says that she is pregnant with a child (don’t worry it is a zombie) and everyone rejoices because the more zombie babies the better it is for everyone.
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We Need a Practical and Comprehensive Jobs Program

With the planet’s population now at seven billion, and the American presidential election starting to focus on Republicans in Iowa, it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of the planet. As an educator, I am fortunate to spend a great deal of time with students who are unwilling to fall into the trap of hopelessness. Some are occupying Wall Street and others are focusing on developing a deeper understanding the management, policy and scientific issues needed to develop a sustainable planet. Some are doing both.
These students are working hard to learn and are sacrificing time and money in the process Read more

Zombie Is Not A Choice

Humans, zombie here. Listen. You long time hurt us and we not take any longer. Why you wack ours brains, but we can’t be eating yours brains? This tell zombie you think human brains better than zombie brains Read more

The Greatest Threat to Liberty on Its 125th Anniversary Corporate Tyranny

Liberty turned 125 years last week. The Statue of Liberty, that is. The celebrations of the anniversary of the iconic statue symbolizing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, we should all take at least a moment to reflect on the state of citizenship and freedom -and unfreedom-in the United States.
In a word, freedom is in grave danger because of the most powerful Tyrant of our time: Corporations. There is no greater symbol of the destruction of freedom than Wall Street, which profits from all that has defined tyrants of previous eras: war, poverty, control of government, the lack of free speech, surveillance, the denial of basic human and civil rights and even the the possible destruction of the planet itself.
The good news is that we are also witnessing an unprecedented global movement that’s trying to define freedom in the age of corporate tyranny Read more

Drawing for Young Learners

As a teacher of young children for more than 30 years, one of the things that I valued most was children’s drawings. What incredible imagination and creativity young children have!
At the beginning of each school year, I would go to the board and create for the children hand-drawn pictures of what we were going to learn. In that way, I showed the children that we can communicate through drawing, just like book illustrators do. Then I showed them that those pictures can be described by words, and we can read them.
What I also showed the children was that I was not afraid to draw, no matter what it looked like Read more

Samhain 2011 Celebrating our Ancestors and the Earth

In this week leading up to Samhain, there are dramatically high tides, a dark moon and cold coming after an unseasonably warm month. The darkness each night seems so early; the turning of the wheel is upon us. This is an excellent time of year to listen to the rustling leaves for messages from our intuitions and from our beloved dead and ancestors.
These are times of great challenge, from environmental devastation leading to the flooding in El Salvador, the earthquake in Turkey, the starvation in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, to the crumbling economic systems that still favor the 1 percent Read more

Drinking The Past New Spirits Recreate Vintage Tastes

Feel like traveling back in time but don’t have a way-back machine? Your taste buds may get there before the rest of you. Using impossibly rare vintage spirits and the most cutting-edge scientific means at their disposal, distillers and historians are working in tandem to enable us to drink the past. Finding a Cognac from 1840, or a Scotch whisky from the early 1900s, is no longer restricted to eBay obsessives and auction-goers who can afford a few months’ salary for a bottle of booze. Long-gone spirits from centuries gone by are now resurfacing in your local liquor emporium, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg Read more

Sen Marco Rubio I Got Mine So Long Suckers

It is fascinating to see the Republican Party tie itself into knots over the issue of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s citizenship.
Obviously, the man wants to run for higher office, and obviously many in the Republican Party would like him to. But the Republicans have a problem. For years they have allowed a segment of their party to attack the 14th amendment to the Constitution. This amendment, among other things, clearly defines a citizen as someone born in the United States regardless of the status of their parents.
Those who hate immigrants, and more importantly fear Latinos, have attacked this amendment saying that is not its intent, not clearly written, blah blah blah… Read more

5 Topics You Shouldnt TOUCH When Giving A Wedding Toast

I have been to a lot of weddings. I calculated and I think I’ve attended more than 200 weddings in a professional capacity over the last decade. What I’ve learned is that while they are always lovely, inevitably, when the time comes for toasts, I find myself looking for a place to hide and hoping that no one will say anything that will make me (or the bride, groom or anyone else) wish that a giant hole would open in the ground and swallow me up to save me from the embarrassment of listening to a horrifying wedding speech.
I’ve catalogued my favorite “bad toasts” from over the years, and have found that, amazingly, the most awkward and offensive speeches nearly always fall into one of five topic areas. Should you be asked to make some remarks at a wedding, or are thinking of taking the mic up at your own wedding, here are five topics that should be avoided .. Read more

Tips For Your Wedding Day Kiss

“You may kiss the bride.”
We have all heard that phrase hundreds of times. In fact, I have spoken it hundreds of times, or something close to it, such as: “Please share your first kiss as a married couple,” “Seal it with a kiss” or “You may now smooch!”
But a kiss is not just a kiss in every culture. Shows of affection and wedding kisses vary around the world. Some families are more reserved than others, and it may influence the way you and your beloved show affection at the end of your wedding ceremony.
For example, while it is common in the west for the father of the bride to kiss his daughter the day of the wedding after he escorts her down the aisle, that gesture would be awkward or unheard of to Chinese or Korean dads and with parents from any culture where public affection is not common Read more

Unguarded The High Life of Chris Herren

After the movie screening in the Tribeca Cinema in Lower Manhattan as he settled into a stool, microphone in hand for the Q and A, Chris Herren rubbed his left knee — the knee that hurt too much to continue to play for the Boston Celtics and accelerated his dependence on drugs and alcohol.
The occasion was a preview of an ESPN documentary (“Unguarded” — Nov. 1, 2011, ESPN, directed by Jonathan Hock) on the high life of this gifted athlete from Fall River, Mass., who wowed them at Durfee High School and onto a pro career that was as brilliant and transient as a comet in the autumnal sky.
You will want to see this film if only to marvel at the moves this basketball guard displayed from his days in the playgrounds of Fall River, to Boston College, to Fresno State under the wing of the legendary gnome — like Coach Jerry Tarkanian. Drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 1999, he was traded to the Boston Celtics in 2000 Read more

Seven Steps to Protect Your Assets When Leaving an Abusive Marriage

Divorce is painful — anyone who has been through the process will attest to that. But, sometimes, divorce is less painful than staying in a relationship that has become abusive.
The problem, of course, is that it’s exponentially more difficult for women in abusive relationships to break free from their controlling husbands. Typically, these women know very little about their family finances because their husbands are extremely secretive about financial matters Read more

Hopeless Romantics

You should’ve seen us. Beaming as she walked down the aisle, radiant on her father’s arm. Pulling Kleenex from our purses as she ascended the altar to meet the groom. Dancing at the reception, a wild circle of us, frenzied with laughter, champagne and excitement Read more

Cox and Arquette Still Modern Divorce Role Models

David Arquette’s reputation for being a little playful and unconventional seems to have spilled over into his divorce. At least the unconventional part.
On Howard Stern’s Sirius XM talk show on October 24, 2011, David called in to talk to Howard about his participation on Dancing with the Stars. David’s estranged wife, Courteney Cox, brings their 7-year-old daughter Coco to each show, and they sit in the audience together to cheer for Daddy Read more