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Keys to SelfAcceptance

Self-criticism is pretty common. After all, we are usually the world’s number one experts on our own shortcomings. If finding fault with ourselves was a virtue, most of us would be saints.
Still, sending ourselves self-hating messages leads to misery more often than to motivation. It leads to lower self-esteem and self-confidence Read more

Meditation Relaxation and the SelfHelp Demon

Every now and then, I see ads for meditation that describe things like shortcuts and fast tracks, which are often numbered and qualified, as in: “Meditation: 5 Steps to Easy-Peasy Peace” or “Meditation: Bliss in Just 3 Minutes a Day” and such.
I’ve been meditating for about 15 years and teaching for five. I’ve spent countless hours on the cushion and a significant percentage of that time was definitely spent looking for shortcuts and, hey, I’m not stupid. If there was one to be found, I think I would have stumbled upon it Read more

Whats Not to Love About a Yoga Sex Scandal

Who knew the downward dog has a missionary position?
The New York Times, in all its wisdom, informs us that yoga began as a sex cult.
Now if only I had known this in the ninth standard in Kolkata, I would have paid much more attention during yoga class at school.
The Times had already tied itself up in knots with an earlier story about how yoga can be hazardous to your health.
The firestorm that caused made one thing clear — yoga sells well. Sex sells even better. And sex scandals sell the best Read more

The Ghost and the Machine

by Kathy Kelly with research by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Fazillah, age 25, lives in Maidan Shar, the central city of Afghanistan’s Wardak province. She married about six years ago, and gave birth to a son, Aymal, who just turned five without a father. Fazillah tells her son, Aymal, that his father was killed by an American bomber plane, remote-controlled by computer.
That July, in 2007, Aymal’s father was sitting in a garden with four other men. A weaponized drone, what we used to call an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV, was flying, unseen, overhead, and fired missiles into the garden, killing all five men.
Now Fazillah and Aymal share a small dwelling with the deceased man’s mother Read more

Joining Lady Gagas New Foundation to Build a Kinder World

“Born This Way” is much more than a pop song. It’s becoming a movement, it is an identity, and now it is a foundation. Today, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, announce the launch of the Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University (which you can watch live stream here).
The Foundation’s aim is to celebrate individuality and empower youth — and the MacArthur Foundation is pleased to be a partner in this ambitious endeavor. We share a belief in creating opportunities for kids to safely express themselves, develop their identities, nurture creative instincts and participate in solving problems in their own communities.
Deployed with the passion and reach of one of the most influential public figures in the world, the Born This Way Foundation worked with the MacArthur Foundation to identify three essential pillars to building a braver, kinder world:
Youth need a safe environment in which to explore themselves and their individuality;
They need to learn the skills required to feel empowered and to lead;
Finally, they need opportunities to impact their local communities through solutions of their own design.
In addressing these needs, we have been presented with an opportunity to collaborate with an artist whose positive impact is already very real.
There is a strong alignment between the goals of the Born This Way Foundation and MacArthur’s own Read more

I Answer Your Questions

For this week’s blog, thought I’d have Josephina hold off on the light dusting and choose a couple of questions for me to answer that have come in over the last few weeks…
BIGISLANDER: But is Roger a “natural-born citizen”?
ROGER: Why, I am offended! What, I had to squeeze through a stubborn birth canal just to run for president? I’ll have you know, many quality Americans were born by C-section! Ronald Reagan? C-section. Forest Whitaker? C-section. All of my dog’s puppies? C-section. I’ll admit I got a little impatient Read more

When Church Met State A New Romantic Comedy From Rick Santorum

A new romantic comedy from Rick Santorum, the presidential candidate who said John F.
read full news from

Walk Like an Australian Lose 10 Pounds

Gasoline is expensive, money is tight, and obesity in America is at record levels — three good reasons to make the spring of 2012 the time to get serious about walking.
The most common objection that I hear to walking as exercise is that it’s too easy, that only sweaty, strenuous activity offers real benefits. But there is abundant evidence that regular, brisk walking is associated with better health, including lower blood pressure, better moods and improved cholesterol ratios.
Also, a major reason Americans have higher obesity rates than others in the developed world appears to be that we walk much less. A study published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine showed that western Australians average 9,695 steps (about five miles) daily, and have an obesity rate of 16 percent Read more

The One Thing Every Woman Needs to Know About Strength Training

Women have all heard that high repetitions with lighter weights tones muscles, but is there a more effective way to get the results you desire?
A body that is toned, lean and long is the goal of so many women I train and talk to on a daily basis. This desire for a long and lean physique is thought to be achieved by toning of the muscles with high repetitions of exercises using light weights. Many women think they want to tone their muscles, meaning they want to make them look better without making them bigger, when what they really want to do is sculpt their bodies. Let’s take a look at what all these fancy words mean.
More muscle equals good, less muscle equals fat Read more

How to Make a Big Batch of Tiny Meatballs

I was not a meatball lover when I was a kid. This was partly because my mother’s version of meatballs was this thing called Surprise Balls, and it was my least favorite meal of all. Surprise Balls were large (about the size of a goose egg) ground beef balls with rice and tomato paste mixed in. The rice never quite seemed cooked, and the paste made it dry and depressing Read more

Happy Tails Amazing Stories of Rescued Pets

It was love at first sight. When I went to my local animal shelter more than six years ago, I thought of it as a first step — I was planning on researching carefully all of my options, visiting several shelters and rescues, and taking my time to find my new canine companion. Ten minutes later, I was on the phone with my husband, explaining why we had to bring home a 7-year-old Beagle-German Shepherdish-looking mutt with advanced cataracts named Charlie. He was found as a stray, so I had to wait a week until he was available for adoption in case his owner came to claim him Read more

Carl Kremer The Coach You Want Your Child to Play For

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
-John Wooden
I was the oddest of all grade school students. I was a UCLA basketball fan living in Kentucky.
I remained a UCLA fan until John Wooden retired in 1975. I then returned to my Kentucky Wildcats roots Read more

6 Reasons To Look Forward To The Work Week

Thanks to the leap year, this February has been longer than usual, and summertime is looking awfully far away. So why not add a little sunshine to the middle of your workday by packing yourself a vibrant and fortifying lunch? Spend a little time in the kitchen, and you could have the breads and spreads to turn a week’s worth of leftovers into mouth-watering sandwiches. Throw in a crisp salad and a home-spun sweet, and you’ve got this one in the bag. Brought to you by the spirited home cooks’ community at Food52.
Looking for more lunch ideas? Browse sandwich recipes from the Food52 community Read more

Baggage Delayed Youre Entitled To More Than A Toothbrush And Pocket Change

It happens to hundreds of airline passengers every day. They arrive at a destination far from home, but their bags don’t.
The bags aren’t necessarily “lost.” They’re “delayed.” But for these hapless travelers, they’re as good as gone.
They’ve arrived in Salt Lake City for a week of skiing, but their ski gear and clothes didn’t. They’ve touched down in Athens for a cruise wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts (so much for complying with dress codes in the dining room) Read more

10 Things To Do In Zurich On A Backpackers Budget

Famous for its super secret Swiss banks and having the world’s best quality of life, Zurich’s beautiful nature, polished culture and utopian transportation comes with a huge price tag. Don’t skip off to somewhere cheaper just yet. OTP’s here to help put some of Zurich on sale.
Window Shop
If you’re traveling by train, hop off at Hauptbahnhof (central station) and stroll down Bahnhofstrasse. The street opens with statues before the clutter of fashion boutiques Read more

Looking For Lincoln In Springfield Illinois PHOTOS

The stories surrounding Abraham Lincoln makes him one of America’s great heroes. A trip to Springfield, Illinois, where he spent 25 years as a citizen, lawyer and state representative prior to his presidency (1861-65) gives visitors a look at his humanity.
The first clues about the character of any man are in the way he lives so you’ll probably want to head straight to the historic district at Eighth and Jackson Street and check out his house. Painted in Quaker yellow with brown trim and green shutters, the stunning Greek Revival contains many pieces of the Lincolns’ mahogany furniture Read more

Checking In With Tablet Be Playa PHOTOS

At Tablet, we pride ourselves on providing the most unforgettable hotel experiences. Our Checking In column follows notable travelers as they share a recent stay at a Tablet hotel.
This week, we trail Christiane Lemieux, the globe-trotting founder of the home furnishings and decor line, DwellStudio, as she takes us south to Be Playa in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen. Enjoy this intimate look at Christine’s trip, told through her own words and photos:
We chose Be Playa in Playa del Carmen as our home base. This turned out to be an excellent call Read more

Potentially Deadly Luxury Destinations PHOTOS

Not every vacation is relaxing. In fact, some can be downright terrifying or adrenaline inducing and there is nothing wrong with that. Check out our favorite ways to get a rush while risking your life (in the lap of luxury, of course).
Dive Off a Cliff
1 of 8
Where to Do It: The Caves, Jamaica
Why Its Killer: Set along Negrils western-edge, The Caves’ multitude of natural rock formations are perfect for cliff diving — at three or thirty feet Read more

The Iditarod Mushing With The Best In The World

Because my parents imported pianos from Germany, our family traveled there when I was a kid. They took me — the eldest son — to Europe first. The next year, it was my younger sister Jan’s turn. But she opted to go to music camp instead Read more

Movie review Being Flynn

It’s unfortunate but understandable that they had to change the name of Nick Flynn’s memoir, Another Bulls— Night in Suck City, to the more TV-ready title Being Flynn. If only they could have made it into an interesting tale, instead of a movie about miserable people making each other miserable.
Adapted and directed by Paul Weitz, Being Flynn ostensibly is about Nick (Paul Dano), a would-be writer dealing with alcohol and commitment issues. So he decides he wants to put his life to better use and goes to work at a homeless shelter. And one night, in walks his father, looking for a bed.
His father Jonathan (Robert De Niro) is a larger-then-life character: a self-styled genius writer-without-portfolio, now currently out of work and out of a place to live Read more

Tragedy in Ohio When the Bullied Strike Back

It was only a month ago that I wrote about Kevin Jacobsen, a despondent father who took his life on the eve of the one-year anniversary of his son’s bullying-related suicide. Today, we read about more tragic deaths, this time in Ohio, where on Monday, a 17-year old boy — reportedly the victim of bullying — unloaded a gun on his classmates in the school cafeteria, killing three and wounding many others.
Bullying is not, as some allege, some mandatory rite of passage that young people must endure on their journey to adulthood. This is not “kids just being kids.” This is a murderous game that young people are playing all across this country, and without immediate intervention by adults — parents, teachers, community leaders — we will continue to see more and more deaths, and the slow and painful obliteration of a generation.
It is tempting to call the horrid news from Ohio a wake-up call, but that is both disingenuous and naive. We’ve had far too many wake-up calls already.
Wasn’t is a wake-up call when a 15-year old girl took her life by throwing herself in front of a bus after being bullied relentlessly at school — and then, shockingly, the bullying continues on her Facebook page as she lay dying in the hospital?
Wasn’t it a wake-up call when nine children commited suicide in a single Minnesota school district known for its “extreme anti-gay climate” — a rash of serial suicides so alarming that state health officials labeled the district a “suicide contagion area?”
If we are not awake by now, something is seriously wrong.
And yet, those charged with turning this crisis around — from parents to policy-makers — urge us to step back and examine the problem Read more

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Clippers Recap February 28 2012 ESPN

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Clippers  Recap  February 28 2012  ESPN

Source:Associated Press
LOS ANGELES — The first three quarters belonged to the Los Angeles Clippers. In the NBA, though, it’s all about what you do in the final quarter, and that time belonged to super subs Derrick Williams and Michael Beasley.They each scored 27 points, teaming up to lead a shooting barrage as the Minnesota Timberwolves won 109-97 Tuesday night in the teams’ first game since the All-Star break.
Lob City Ledger
For a quick take after Clippers games, check the Lob City Ledger.
Williams and Beasley contributed mightily to the Wolves’ reserves scoring 72 points — best in the NBA this season and two points off the franchise record.”When you get it going like that, it’s close your eyes and throw the ball in the hoop,” the Clippers’ Chris Paul said. “They made open shots and they made tough shots. When you put that combination together, it’s not good for the other team.”Williams and Beasley each had 13 points in the fourth. Williams finished the game 9 of 10 from the field, while making all four of his 3-point attempts and all five of his free throws. Beasley’s shooting was just off that, with him hitting 11 of 15 from the field, all three of his 3-pointers and 2 of 4 free throws. They each had five rebounds.”We were knocking down open shots, taking what the defense gave us and just letting the ball flow,” Beasley said. “We did a lot of penetrating and kicking out. Those guys like to block shots, so when you’ve got two or three guys going after one block, that means you have two guys open for jump shots. It’s kind of hard to go from the rim back out to the perimeter and contest those shots.”Nikola Pekovic added 12 points, Martell Webster 11 and Kevin Love 10 for the Wolves, who notched the franchise’s 47th win against the Clippers, its most against any opponent.Love, the 3-point champion during All-Star Weekend, took a shot to the ribs in the third quarter and briefly left the court. He returned to the bench about five minutes into the fourth wearing a padded shirt. Coach Rick Adelman said Love could have played, but he wasn’t needed.”DeAndre Jordan hit me twice on the same play and in the same spot, but I just got it X-rayed and everything seems to be fine,” Love said. “It’s going to have a lot of bruising and some inflammation, but hopefully I’ll be good to go for tomorrow.”Blake Griffin scored 30 points, Paul added 27 and Jordan had 14 points and 14 rebounds for the Clippers, who similarly faltered in the fourth quarter of a 101-98 home loss to the Wolves on Jan. 20. The loss narrowed the Clippers’ Pacific Division lead to a game over the Los Angeles Lakers.”We’ll see what we’re made of now,” Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said. “We have a tough road trip coming up. We’re going to have to play on a higher level, especially on the road now, but maybe that will help us come together more.”The Clippers led virtually all of the first three quarters and were up 76-73 going into the fourth.”Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams hit tough shots and they hit a lot in a row,” Griffin said. “We couldn’t get our shots.”The Wolves made their first 10 field goals of the fourth after hitting their final three in the third.Williams caught fire, opening with a 3-pointer and then scoring 10 in a row to put the Wolves ahead 90-82. During his torrid stretch, Williams sank a jumper and landed on his rear, getting fouled by Kenyon Martin in the process. He made the free throw — one of three in a row — and capped his run with another 3-pointer.”I was picking my spots and knocking down open shots,” Williams said. “Kevin didn’t have one of his best nights, so people had to step up. That’s the good thing about our team. Even though Kevin’s the All-Star, we have a lot of other people who can do great things. And when he’s struggling, people have to come off the bench and pick him up.”From there, Beasley took over, scoring his 13 points after Williams tallied his. Beasley capped his run with a 3, too.”If we’re going to make any type of noise at all moving forward, we’ve got to win against good teams on the road,” Adelman said, “so this is a big statement for us.”Los Angeles never made a serious run late.”We got to impose our will, and that’s going to come with practice,” Paul said. “We couldn’t get a stop. The effort was there, we played hard, but those guys beat us.”The Clippers opened the third quarter on a 7-0 run to go up by 10 points. The Wolves answered with eight straight points of their own to close to 61-59. From there, the Clippers outscored them 15-14 to close the period ahead by three.Griffin scored 18 points in the first quarter. He sat all but the final five minutes of the second, when he scored six points, giving him 24 at halftime when the Clippers led 54-51. Los Angeles led all but the opening minutes of the first half, when the team shot 52 percent from the floor and made 10 of 13 free throws.Game notes The Clippers fell to 12-5 at home. … The Wolves opened a stretch of three games in three nights. They play the Lakers on Wednesday and visit Phoenix on Thursday. This trip coincides with a month-long stretch in which they play 13 of 18 on the road. … Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield attended the game.
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American Idol Recap The Top 13 Boys Perform And Steven Mocks JLos Oscars NipSlip

At long last, we’ve made it through the wilderness; the “American Idol” auditions are finally at an end, and now the real competition (such as it is) begins. After treading water for weeks with music-free group nights and tedious eliminations, let’s jump straight to the performances, where we witnessed the Top 12 male vocalists — plus the mystery 13th contestant — taking to the stage with the song of their choice, each one vying for your vote.
Reed Grimm: “Moves Like Jagger”
Reed is a contestant who is memorable enough for me to feel confident that I’ve enjoyed his previous performances, but not so memorable that I actually recall any of said performances. He made the improbable choice to sing Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera’s “Moves Like Jagger,” which was spawned by the success of NBC’s rival talent show, “The Voice.” I guess it was intended to be “Idol’s” passive-aggressive way of pretending that they’re not threatened by their off-network nemesis (as was the judges’ repeated insistence on complimenting the singers by calling them “the voice,” which was just odd) Read more

Start the Presses Leap Year Publication Rolls in France

It’s Leap Day, a day that 40 year old’s can celebrate their 10th birthday, and the day that La Bougie du Sapeur is published once every four years.
Shout out to my friend Reuters Deputy Social Media Editor Matthew Keys, @ProducerMatthew, whose keen eye notified me of the eight previous editions, which means the publication is 32 years old if my Leap Year math holds.
Wikipedia has some back-story, the newspaper’s name means The Candle of the Sapper, from a character created by Georges Colomb in the 1890s. The original story was about a leap year baby who ends up recruited into the army at 5 years old because as a Leap Year baby you tend to miss a lot of birthdays. A sneak peek at this year’s edition is available at Europe 1.
The paper’s founders are Jacques Debuisson and Christian Bailly, and Editor Jean d’Indy prints 200,000 copies for subscribers Read more