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The Moment I First Knew I Was Depressed

I have stopped describing what depression feels like to the person with no experience of this “black dog,” as Winston Churchill called it, or even an occasional bout of melancholy, because my inability to express the physical and mental deterioration, the frustration at trying to articulate my madness, tends to make my black dog growl and attack strangers. I agree with the ever-wise William Styron who wrote in his classic, Darkness Visible:
The closest description Styron finds is that of drowning or suffocation.
Many people feel a gradual slide into this state. Breathing becomes a task to check off the “to do” list along with laundry and the dishes; an insecurity settles in, making simple responsibilities like watching your son play lacrosse alongside a field of fellow moms feel as though you are attempting to sit down with the popular group at lunch in a high school cafeteria divided by distinct social castes; and suddenly you hate yourself more than the cruel cousin you haven’t talked to in 20 years. According to depression checklists, if you feel like this for a month and a half, it’s time to call your physician.
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30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius Day 3 What Are You Intensely Interested In

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek root entheos, “having the god within.” Eckhart Tolle suggests that enthusiasm is the highest form of “awakened doing.”
Enthusiasm is a fantastic indicator of where your Creative Genius lives. It’s the immediate “I love it!” response, the game you’ve got to get into, the cause you can’t walk away from, the idea that makes you pause and then nod, “Oh, this is a good one, a really good one.” Enthusiasm evokes a determined “no matter what-ness.” It wakes us up in the middle of the night with fresh ideas. Enthusiasm creates a flurry of connections and marvelous events that often starts with this powerful little phrase: “What if . . .”
Enthusiasm is the genuine Yes! that will uncork your genius, signal your muses to come down, and magnetize the resources you need to be within your reach.
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For Hes a Jolly Good Scoundrel

How evil is this? At a time when two-thirds of U.S. homeowners are drowning in mortgage debt and the American dream has crashed for tens of millions more, Sanford Weill, the banker most responsible for the nation’s economic collapse, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.
So much for the academy’s proclaimed “230-plus year history of recognizing some of the world’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, artists, and civic, corporate, and philanthropic leaders.” George Washington, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Albert Einstein must be rolling in their graves at the news that Weill, “philanthropist and retired Citigroup Chairman,” has joined their ranks.
Weill is the Wall Street hustler who led the successful lobbying to reverse the Glass-Steagall law, which long had been a barrier between investment and commercial banks Read more

Arianna Visits The Colbert Report To Talk Pulitzers Military Families

Arianna appeared on “The Colbert Report” Wednesday to discuss the Huffington Post’s first-ever Pulitzer Prize, awarded this week for David Wood’s “Beyond the Battlefield” series.
When asked during the interview what was the goal of the series, Arianna explained:
She also pointed out that the end of each “Beyond the Battlefield” article linked to another page where readers could begin the process of giving back to military families.
Still, none of that is to say that Colbert and Arianna didn’t generate some laughs, as well. When the Comedy Central host began suggesting that The Huffington Post was nothing more than “opposite Fox News,” the two began to exchange good-humored barbs, much to the audience’s delight.
“Why don’t you and Rupert Murdoch just go to a field and settle this with pistols?” Colbert quipped.
Arianna quickly riposted, asking Colbert, “Who is writing your questions, Joe the Plumber?”
To which Colbert responded, “I wish he was Read more

Eco Etiquette Forget Earth Day

Send all your eco-inquiries to Jennifer Grayson at [email protected] Questions may be edited for length and clarity.
This week, I had originally planned to write a piece about Earth Day optimism. The column was supposed to highlight the most exciting and uplifting environmental news I could find (Evangelicals are becoming tree huggers! More celebrities are going vegan!), all in the hopes of inspiring you, my dear Earth Day enthusiasts, to keep fighting the good fight.
But you know what? I really don’t feel like it Read more

Revenge Recap Rikers Island Prison Blues

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 17 of ABC’s “Revenge,” entitled, “Doubt.”
After what seems like years of waiting, “Revenge” is finally back, and it’s more delicious than ever. I’m not talking about your average run of the mill lies and deceit. Now we have affairs, vicious prison beat-downs, full-blown pill addictions, mysterious British lovers and even more back-stabbing.
Let’s just say that after tonight’s “Revenge,” Victoria Grayson won’t be getting a mother of the year award anytime soon Read more

The White House And Mortgage Fraud So Far Its All Talk No Action

The Obama Administration worked for months on a deal that would have let America’s biggest banks off the hook for a crime wave of runaway mortgage fraud. All they had to do in return was pledge a negligible sum of money, to be paid by their shareholders and not themselves, and which they would dispense themselves. In return, crooked bankers received immunity from prosecution – and even from investigation.
After the deal came under attack from a number of its allies, the Administration settled with the banks anyway Read more

Jorge Steven Acua Opens Up About Being Detained By ICE

By Jorge Steven Acua
A typical day for a college student usually starts off with the constant snoozing of an alarm clock prior to our first class, but life as we know it doesn’t always go as planned. What I thought was supposed to be an ordinary college day, took a turn for the worse on the morning of Wednesday, March 7. It was on that day that I was awoken by several ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) agents, who had raided my house. Many have asked what it felt like at that moment, others asked what my first reaction was Read more

What is it Like to Have Your College Undergraduate Admission Rescinded

This question originally appeared on Quora.
By an Anonymous User of Quora.
Short answer: It's never a good thing, but hopefully you can look back and laugh one day. It helps to be (over)confident and optimistic. Believing that you will be successful regardless of your education credentials goes a long way.The Fat Envelope – December 2005At the end of first semester my senior year of high school (December 2005) I was accepted to a top liberal arts college as an early decision admit Read more

American Idol Recap The Top 7 Again Perform Songs From Now and Then

After last week’s shocking bottom three (and the subsequent use of the judges’ save on Jessica Sanchez), there seemed to be a shift in the dynamics on “American Idol” on April 18. The theme was “Now and Then,” with the contestants tackling two songs each — one modern and one soul classic.
The theme seemed to suit some performers more than others, and not necessarily those you’d expect. Hollie Cavanagh finally managed to get a compliment (or three) from the judges, while Joshua Ledet’s confidence seemed a little shaken after last week’s trip to the bottom three Read more

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Vancouver Canucks Daniel Sedin returns after missing 12 games ESPN

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs  Vancouver Canucks Daniel Sedin returns after missing 12 games  ESPN


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ABCs Revenge Why Women Cant Get Enough Of This Melodrama

When I first started watching “Revenge” back in September, I thought I was going to have to sweep my viewing habits under the rug and treat it as a very guilty pleasure (similar to how I feel about “The Bachelor”). I was certain that the soap-opera set-up and absurdly rich characters would ensure that the show was terrible; something that I’d watch on my laptop at a volume low enough that even my roommate couldn’t hear. But seven months and 16 episodes later I’m an out-and-proud “Revenge” fan — and so are a whole lot of other women.
For those of you that don’t watch the show, the set-up is pretty basic Read more

Losing Control and Gaining Yourself

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud fathered the idea behind the psychoanalytical term called the “Complex,” as a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme. There’s the differentiation between personal consciousness and collective consciousness, the latter, which binds us together as a species, but still, the two intertwine with each other and shape who we are.
As an entrepreneur, my job requires me to be in control of the company’s growth, successes and failures — learning experiences. They are expected and part of the process, but still, a certain level of success is required to maintain operations and ultimately make sure employees can be paid. Because of this, I’ve had to grow from a typical twenties mindset that might not be as financially responsible, to one that is hyper vigilant Read more

Stage Door Newsies Barb Jungrs Man In The Long Black Coat

It’s impossible not to cheer for the boys in Newsies as they war against press barons Pulitzer and Hearst. The Broadway musical is based on the Disney movie, which was based on a real-life event: the 1899 newsboy strike.
It began when Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst charged the newsboys six cents for every 10 papers they sold — a one-cent increase. Enraged, these determined kids formed a rag-tag union and took on the titans whose power intimidated everyone else.
Now at the Nederlander, the musical, which borrows its balletic style from West Side Story and the towered sets of Ragtime, turns melodrama into a high-energy message. The strike is led by Jack Kelly (a dynamic Jeremy Jordan in a star turn) Read more

The Son of the Housing Bubble FirstTime Homebuyers Tax Credit

It’s often said that the difference between the powerful and the powerless is that the powerful get to walk away from their mistakes while the powerless suffer the consequences. The first-time homebuyers’ tax credit provides an excellent example of the privilege of the powerful.
The first-time homebuyers tax credit was added to President Obama’s original 2009 stimulus package. It was introduced by Senator Johnny Isakson, a Republican from Georgia, but the proposal quickly gained support from both parties. The bill gave a tax credit equal to 10 percent of a home’s purchase price, up to $8,000, to first time buyers or people who had not owned a home for more than three years Read more

Constitution Check Can Reporters Be Barred From Using Social Media During a Criminal Trial

In a continuing series of posts, Lyle Denniston provides responses based on the Constitution and its history to public statements about the meaning of the Constitution and what duties it imposes or rights it protects. Today’s topic: judges’ power to bar news reporters and spectators from tweeting or texting during a criminal trial.
The statement at issue:
“Tweeting takes away from the dignity of a courtroom. The judge doesn’t want the trial to turn into a circus.”
-Irv Miller, media liaison for Cook County, Ill., Judge Charles Burns, explaining to the Associated Press on April 16 why the judge has banned reporters and others attending a current murder trial from communicating from the courtroom via Twitter or other social media. The trial has attracted heavy publicity because it involves charges against a man for allegedly killing three members of the family of popular singer and actress Jennifer Hudson.
We checked the Constitution, and.. Read more

Charlotte Bobcats confirm altercation between coach Paul Silas forward Tyrus Thomas ESPN

Charlotte Bobcats confirm altercation between coach Paul Silas forward Tyrus Thomas  ESPN


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How to Solve All Our Budget Fights Forever

That title was long enough, but it really should have also had “by Grace Slick” at the end of it. Because she is the budgetary and political genius I’m basing this column on (and no, I’m not kidding). I also should warn, up front (for those considering fleeing for the exits already), that I’m not even going to talk about deficits, which is a somewhat separate problem. So all you folks ready to pen “But what about the deficits?” comments, be warned that I’m not even going to address that problem herein.
OK, anyone still left reading? Here we go Read more

Video Adobe Targets Final Cut Pro Avid Users with Release of Creative Suite 6 CS6

LAS VEGAS — Adobe is readying the release its latest video production and editing package Creative Suite 6 (CS6).
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Taxing You Twice Mitt Romneys Draconian Deduction Plan

It has been widely reported that the presumptive Republican candidate for President, Gov. Mitt Romney, recently suggested that in order to pay for his proposed income tax cuts, he would tinker with federal tax deductions. While there has been a lot of coverage of his proposal to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction on second homes, very little has been written about his proposal to completely eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes. This is a fight that I have already fought and won.
Historically, the state and local tax deduction has occupied a special place in federal tax law Read more

Twenty Years After the Flames The Rodney King Beating Verdict and the LA Riots Part 1

For two fateful days at the end of April and the first day of May 1992, I ducked around police cordons and barricades, and cringed in fear at the cackle of police gunfire. I choked, and gagged on and was blinded by the thick, acrid smoke that at times blotted out the sun and gave an eerie surreal Dante’s Hell feel to Los Angeles. I watched many Los Angeles Police Department officers stand by virtually helpless and disoriented as looters gleefully made mad dashes into countless stores. Their arms bulged with everything from clothes to furniture items Read more

SimpsonBowles Zombie Returns

President Obama and many Democrats spent much of 2011 talking about deficits instead of doing something about jobs. Now, a too-close election is on the horizon (too-close because of spending 2011 talking about deficits instead of doing something about jobs) and we’re being forced back to talking about deficits instead of jobs — by a Democrat!
Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad says he is going to introduce the “Simpson-Bowles” deficit plan as his fiscal year 2013 budget resolution. This is a plan put forward by Alan Simpson, a retired Republican Senator who hates Social Security, and Erskine Bowles, a member of the Board of Wall Street’s Morgan Stanley. So here we are once again with the same old same old plan from the same old same old elites Read more

Cleveland Indians pitcher Jeanmar Gomez suspended five games ESPN

Cleveland Indians pitcher Jeanmar Gomez suspended five games  ESPN


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The War on Women Why Were Fighting

Watch TV news coverage. Read news stories in your morning paper. The War on Women is a war on reproductive rights. The evidence is clear.
Since January 2010, there have been over 400 bills introduced in the U.S Read more