Once Again for the Cheap Seats Were Still Creating Jobs Where We Were Once Losing Jobs

Okay, we know it’s political silly season but sorry I still don’t see the reason for the outrage! When there is an addition to the number of jobs added and a subtraction to the unemployment number… how is that a bad thing! And by the way for those not clued in to the “real America”, not everyone who falls off of the unemployment rolls is a hard luck story. Many statistics show that some people who were unemployed are now starting their own businesses, in fact I have two friends who have been out of work for over 9 months who teamed up to start their own event planning company about 8 weeks ago and both are doing just fine. But for those who say those 115,000 jobs added mean nothing, again I say, ask those 115,000 people who finally got a job last month just how much it means!
Maybe I’m way too far outside of the so-called beltway, but I still don’t get it. How is adding jobs EVER a bad thing? Even if it isn’t exactly how many we thought it should be, at least we’re not losing jobs. Remember how that felt?
In just over 3 short years, we have come from losing 700,000 jobs per month to gaining over 100,000 jobs per month, I don’t care what any overpaid economist says… that’s GOOD NEWS! Are we supposed to shrivel up in a corner because some egghead says that we should have 160,000 jobs one month and instead we have 120,000? Oh please! No one will ever convince me that after the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, any month where we actually ADD jobs is a bad thing.
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