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When News Misinforms

It was June of 1967, a few hours before the outbreak of the Six-Day War, when my father sent us to Jericho away from the battlefront to stay with my grandmother. Back then, we did not have a television, and I remember huddling in the “radio room,” as my grandmother called it; I would later refer to it as the “war room.”
This was where we’d spend most of our time during the war, away from the broken glass caused by Israeli fighter-jets racing through the sound barrier listening to the Egyptian broadcast “Sawt El Arab” or “Voice of the Arabs.”
“Report number 42,” the announcer would say, and through the crackling sound of my grandmother’s ancient shortwave radio, we would all strain to hear the war updates.
“The Egyptian forces have repelled the Zionist army… the Jordanian army advanced to Jabel el Mukaber.”
I believe that it was on the second or third day of the Six Day War, as we were listening to these victorious reports, that we felt a rumbling throughout the house Read more

How Nerds Can Save America PHOTOS

In his most recent State of the Union address, President Obama told us we are now in the midst of a new “Sputnik moment,” in which we need to respond to the scientific vigor of our international competitors with a little scientific vigor of our own. He suggested that we as a nation need to learn to celebrate the winner of the science fair as much as we celebrate the winner of the Super Bowl. Good luck with that, Mr. President! In my recent book, Nerds: How Dorks, Dweebs, Techies and Trekkies Can Save America…and Why They Might Be Our Last Hope, I take a look at the developmental psychology and cultural history of the nerd stereotype Read more

RitzCarlton Hong Kong The Opening

One of my favorite moments this past week of countdown came from a slideshow the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong played for its employees. As the individual slides moved along one after the other, faces of famous people appeared on the screen — the best in their field. It was Ritz-Carlton’s way of telling their employees: You are the best of the best. I don’t remember the name of the song that played in the background, but the chorus posed a simple question: What have you done today to make you feel proud? (*SEE PHOTOS BELOW*)
I can’t speak for the hundreds of employees that were sitting in the Diamond Ballroom this morning as countdown to the opening of the highest hotel rounded 24 hours, but I’d wager a lot of Hong Kong dollars to say each one of them is proud of this hotel Read more

13 Chefs 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

Time to play What Would You Take with You on a Deserted Island? The essential kitchen tools edition. We asked 13 chefs what kitchen equipment they couldn’t live without to find both surprising and expected answers.
The tools that chefs use to create their food dictates to a certain extent the type of cuisine that they create: whether it’s exact and detailed food that’s made by chef Tony Conte using a pressure cooker or a more home-grown and comforting type of food made by chefs like Gabrielle Hamilton who prefers her two hands before anything else. The choices that the following chefs made indicate to some level their approach and attitude toward cooking Read more

The Magic and Whimsy of Sintra Portugal

Less than an hour by train west of Lisbon is the small town of Sintra, which served as the summer retreat for the Portuguese royal family for centuries. The town and surrounding mountains are full of magical palaces, Moorish architecture and ruins. You can spend days exploring the town and its surroundings.

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Zandile Blay Ghanaian Native Was The First Fashion Writer In A Family Of Political Journalists

“I must admit, I am kind of tacky. I am kind of like a Vegas show girl,” Zandile Blay said during our interview, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Her penetrating beauty and intelligence can pull off anything from a burgundy mohair bolero to a college sweatshirt. To say that Zandile simply has great taste — see her Norma Kamali camouflage sleeping bag coat for reference — would not do her discerning good eye and integrity in everything she does justice.
Zandile comes from a long line of political journalists, particularly her father, who won a fellowship from Harvard for his nationwide protest against the Ghanaian regime, where Zandile was born Read more

Weekly Roundup of eBay Vintage Clothing Finds PHOTOS

No time to page through thousands of eBay listings? Then just sneak a peek at my weekly eBay roundup of top vintage clothing finds.
This eclectic mix of designer and non-designer vintage clothing and accessories caught my discerning eye because of their uniqueness, contemporary feel or highly collectible nature.
As always, buyer beware! Be sure to read the listings closely and contact the sellers with any questions.
Today’s selections include pieces by Christian Dior, Chanel, Zandra Rhodes and Lanvin. Be sure to check out the fab Bonnie Cashin fringed leather mini dress and the rare Michaele Vollbrach pieces.
Which item is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know.
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Weekly eBay Roundup of Vintage Clothing Finds
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More information on all this week’s finds at Zuburbia. Keep clicking for this week’s vintage clothing finds.
Royal Guests At The Royal Wedding: Who’s IN And Who’s OUT For Prince William And Catherine’s Nuptials (PHOTOS)
Princess Letizia Wears Red For The Most Perfectly Sartorially-Coordinated Photograph Ever (PHOTOS, POLL)
Emmanuelle Alt’s First French Vogue: Backpacks, Green Girls & Michael Kors (PHOTOS)
Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Rides To Be 1997 Rolls-Royce, Glass Coach (PHOTOS)
Elizabeth Taylor’s Style: A Look Back At Her Memorable Moments (PHOTOS, POLL)
Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Shoes As Imagined By Stuart Weitzman, Ivanka Trump & More (PHOTOS, POLL)
More information on all this week’s finds at Zuburbia Read more

Will There Be Another Knuffle Scuffle at the Children Choice Book Awards

In New York City on May 2nd the Children’s Book Council will announce the fourth annual Children’s Choice Book Awards. One would think that a Taylor Swift – Kanye West drama would never occur at a celebration of children’s authors and illustrators. However, last year there was what some people call the Knuffle Scuffle when the Knuffle Bunny creator, Mo Willems forcibly ejected the former Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Jon Scieszka from the stage after Scieszka, in a Kayne West maneuver, tried to hijack the ceremony.
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Cassandra Clare
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The first book in a trilogy Clockwork Angel: The Infernal Devices, Book 1 (McElderry/Simon & Schuster) is set in Victorian England and filled with vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk.
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: 7 Books To Remember The 100th Anniversary
Spotted Reading In Public: From Steve Martin To Charles Manson (PHOTOS)
‘Oceana': Amazing Images Of Our Endangered Seas (PHOTOS)
St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Irish Books, Huffington Post Readers Pick Their Favorites (PHOTOS)
Famous After Death: Posthumously Appreciated Authors (PHOTOS)
Writing Under The Influence: Best Drug Induced Writing In Books (PHOTOS)
The first book in a trilogy Clockwork Angel: The Infernal Devices, Book 1 (McElderry/Simon & Schuster) is set in Victorian England and filled with vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk.
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One can only wonder, if at this year ceremony there will be Scieszka/Krosoczka Hijinks Read more

Springtime in Paris SLIDESHOW

My favorite time to visit Paris is springtime. It’s just the opposite of March Madness here in the states. Springtime in Paris is early morning walks along the Seine before the city wakes up. Lunch at an outdoor cafe in Le Marais Read more

The Worlds Best Beaches To Discover in 2011 PHOTOS

We’ve just launched Beach Tomato, our brand new online fashion and beauty magazine exploring all aspects of beach culture.
For your daily dose on the world’s best beaches, regular features from our worldwide roster of contributors and the very latest packable fashion tips and trends from our industry experts look no further than www.beachtomato.com.
#wendybird_user, #not_logged_user { text-align:left;}

Have a beach you want to discover in 2011? Send us your photos!
Find a picture, click the participate button, add a title and upload your picture
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Rabbit Island, Pelagie Islands, Italy
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Shhh, the Pelagie Islands near Sicily are a set of hidden European hideaways worth knowing about. Lampedusa is our fave – full of hidden coves and quiet corners Read more

Residential Duality Modern Traditional Interiors Unplugged with Ellie Cullman

With New York City’s annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show recently coming to a close, I wanted to step a bit outside my core competency of architecture and commercial interiors to take a closer look at residential interior design.
I’ve always been fascinated by the design process for residential spaces as it seems to be driven by contradictory ideologies (at least in my mind): on the one hand, there is the notion of modernism, whether it be avante-garde, practical, utopian, or pure minimalism, whereas on the other hand, there’s an unavoidable, overarching desire to achieve a traditional coziness of sorts, a space that’s comfortable and livable. This duality, which we’ll call “Modern Traditional” Residential Interior Design, is no humble undertaking. In fact, it’s a balanced process that few can manage well.
In my opinion, Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis, is one of the pre-eminent interior designers leading this movement Read more

Top 10 Buildings Parametric Design

The advent of the industrial revolution, mass production and large-scale manufacturing industries during the last two centuries has had a revolutionary effect on architecture. The fathers of modern architecture, such as Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe and Walter Gropius were inspired by the automobile factories and methods of the era; this gave birth to the computer as a design tool.
Parametric design is a method of intelligently designing architectural objects based on relationships and rules using the computer. These are defined in parametric software and are easily manipulated to quickly generate multiple iterations of the design in 3D. This month, I’ve selected 10 buildings that use parametric design either as a whole, or on part of the building Read more

Style School Featuring The Strokes 13 Ways to Dress Like a Rock Star

They were the band of the aughts, and their style set a new standard for the cool-kid set. With a new album, Angles, out yesterday, we take stock of a decade’s worth of sartorial lessons learned from Casablancas, Hammond, and company.
1 of 13
Lesson 1: Wear the living hell out of your jeans.

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Protecting Your Assets From War Tsunamis Nuclear Disasters and Other Acts of God

Divorced parents, more than anyone, can feel extremely vulnerable during disasters, especially if you are counting on investments to help you shore up the financial hardship that always comes when you have to support two households instead of just one. The last thing you need when a crisis occurs is to feel like the whole world is crashing in, including your emergency funds. Fortunately, with a little forethought and preparedness, you can have confidence that your assets are covered, even in uncertain times.
There are three critical aspects to protecting your assets for any emergency — preparing before disaster strikes, surviving the catastrophe and recovering Read more

Ten Great Spring Baking Tips

With spring finally arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, so is the time to bake. Sweet and savory, here are ten great baking tips from Honest Cooking.
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Apple Tart And Spring In Florence
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Get The Recipe Here
Find. Eat.

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FEDs 5 Canned Craft Beers Worth Drinking

The pop-top has always gotten a bad rap in the beer world. Like screw tops on wine, it just isn’t a seductive opening. But now, the can is shedding its hillbilly stigma. We asked three experts to share their recent favorites.
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Beer in a can
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The can is actually better packaging for beer Read more

Damn You Autocorrect Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Mistakes PHOTOS

While the autocorrect function on our smart phones can be a blessing, it’s also often a curse. Autocorrect has a mind – often a dirty mind – of its own. If you hit “send” too quickly, it can lead to some entertaining results.

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10 Food and Drink Inventions We Didnt Need

“Dude, I was camping and forgot my spork — I almost starved!”
“Oh, great. You opened the wine bottle but didn’t finish all the Grner. How are we supposed to close it up again so the wine doesn’t spoil?”
“I have a dining room full of brunch customers, dozens of eggs, and a pot of boiling water, but the egg poacher broke. Guess I have to send everybody home Read more

Top 10 Overweight US States And Counties

The world is fat, but Americans tip the scales. The U.S. currently leads the rest of the developed world in terms of adult obesity rates and trails only Mexico in terms of overall overweight populations. Currently, 68 percent of American adults are overweight or obese with a BMI ranging from 25.0 to 29.9 and 34 percent of the population is strictly obese with a BMI starting at 30.0.
Obese and overweight populations are at risk for numerous health problems from heart disease and high blood pressure to stroke and cancer Read more

Royal Guests At The Royal Wedding Whos IN And Whos OUT For Prince William And Catherines Nuptials PHOTOS

Well, I’m not the only one who’s ready to join in the festivities of William and Catherine’s wedding on April 29. More royal guests have confirmed their attendence.
Scroll down for just the text.
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Crown Princess Victoria and husband Daniel Westling
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It was announced that Sweden’s heir to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her new commoner-turned-prince husband Daniel will be at Westminster Abbey. The newlyweds are set to celebrate their first anniversary on June 19, and being at William’s nuptials will no doubt bring back memories of their own romantic wedding.
Michelle Obama’s Garden Garb (PHOTOS, POLL)
Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs To Be Honored At CFDA Awards 2011 (PHOTOS)
Kate Middleton’s Sheer Dress By Charlotte Todd To Be Auctioned Thursday (PHOTOS)
Crystal Renn Dances With Surfboards, Talks Love Of Astrology (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Johnny Depp Named Hat Person Of The Year By The Headwear Association (PHOTOS, POLL)
Stef Van Der Laan, Dutch Model, Is Inspired By Disney Characters And Her Grandmother (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
It was announced that Sweden’s heir to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her new commoner-turned-prince husband Daniel will be at Westminster Abbey Read more

16 Health Experts To Check Out On Twitter

This is the latest post in our series, TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who’ve helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking.
As the texts and records of ancient societies show us, health and fitness have always been essential to the growth and development of humanity. Health and fitness can be achieved by being mindful of our bodies and surrounding ourselves with compassionate people who exude a positive flair for life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Discovering our inner-strengths and developing our bodies, minds and spirits with the help of extraordinary people is the foundation of spectacular health.
The expertise of co-writer Barbara Ficarra has been particularly helpful to this post Read more

Stef Van Der Laan Dutch Model Is Inspired By Disney Characters And Her Grandmother PHOTOS VIDEO

Stef Van Der Laan, IMG model, says that when she puts on something happy, she is happy. It’s hard not to smile when you see her tutu from the H&M children’s department juxtaposed against an army parka and white “cloggy” wedge sandals, or in her knee socks with a thrifted floral 1930s dress and lace-up combat boots. Stef says that her ADHD leaves her dreamy, thinking a lot, and in her own world. When people-watching on the street or train, she can make up a whole story about their life, “even if it’s not true.” It seems fitting that Stef has the creative mind to tell her own story with her wardrobe Read more

Taiwans Beauty Part 2

The last Taiwan slideshow was so well received that I have posted more pictures from Taiwan. This set includes many photos from the eastern part of the island including their mountains, hot springs, fish markets as well as a few more of their interesting warning signs.
Hope you enjoy these pictures of Taiwan’s beauty.
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Cihou lighthouse on Cinjin Island, Kaoshuing
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Nearby are incredible fish markets.
World’s Busiest Airports, As Listed By The Airports Council International (PHOTOS)
Japan Earthquake: Airports Closed, U.S.

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